SIFAR: Documentary Film on NGO Working for Men

Number of Men Suicide , accident, murder , job loss, work place harassment increasing in India at rocket speed, due to multiple Unfair laws made by Indian Government . Today SIF became a Ray of hope for many abused/distressed men of India. Join Hands to Stop Abuse of Men as Men are Human too.


A Bowl of Curd – A touching Story #SaveTheMales

A touching story

When the gentleman was 45 years old his wife suddenly passed away…..
His relatives and friends advised him to remarry and settle down.
He advised all in the negative and told them that he had only one son
And my son is a gift to me from my wife,

I will look after him well and my life will be successful with his success.

Son grows up…gets married in grand style and the father handed over his well established business to his son and retired.

After a year or so the father had his breakfast a bit early one morning

After starting his breakfast he requested his daughter in law for curd ……if it was there

His daughter in law said there was no curd….this was heard by his son…who was entering the dining area for breakfast.

After the father had his breakfast the son and his wife sat down to have breakfast….on the breakfast table there was a bowl of curd.
After having his breakfast and with no comments, the son also left home for office. That day and night the son pondered over curd matter.

Next day the son requested his father to accompany him to the court to get married.
His father told him “I do not need a second marriage at this age and I give you all the love, you do not need a mother.
What is the use of the second marriage ?”

The son replied him politely…father I am not getting a mother for myself or a wife for you….i am only trying my best so that you get your bowl of curd everyday.
From tomorrow me and my wife will move to a rented apartment and I shall work in your office as a worker who will be paid wages,so that your daughter in law knows the value of a bowl of curd.

Parents can be ATM cards for their children but children need to be aadhaar cards for their parents……

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Struggling to get Divorce, here are some land mark cases in favor of Husband

Struggling to get Divorce, here are some land mark cases in favor of husband:

1. High Court Of Punjab And Haryana At Chandigarh – Dr. Anita Rani V/s. Dr. Suresh Kumar Wife files false criminal cases against the husband, breaking & throwing mangal sutra, getting husband arrested, neglecting household and ill-treated husband etc. are cruelty. P & H HC affirms lower court decree. Divorce granted by the court.

2. Madras High Court – A.P. Ranga Rao V/s. Vijayalakshmi Wife made Suicide attempt as the husband did NOT set up the separate house. Madras HC granted a divorce for a husband. On several occasions wife threatened to commit suicide. She insisted on the husband to start a separate establishment after severing his connection with the other members of his family, namely, mother, brother, brother’s wife and unmarried brother.

3. Bombay High Court – Smt. Nirmala Manohar Jagesha vs Manohar Shivram Jagesha High Court analyses that the husband has NOT proven cruelty during matrimonial life, also not proven that the wife is of unsound mind and he is entitled to get a divorce on the basis of wild, reckless and baseless allegations of impotency, lack of masculinity made by the wife.

4. Delhi High Court – Chandhok (Lajwanti) V/s. Chandhok Wife drives husband out of the matrimonial home, assaulted and abused him, refused to cohabit all cruelty. HC observed that husband subjected to cruelty & has become unendurable and granted divorce to him.

6. Delhi High Court – Smt. Alka vs Dr. R.K. Gautam Wife Refused to have sex and threatened husband with suicide, ill-treating and uncaring attitude is shown towards relatives of husband. Delhi HC decreed the Divorce.

7. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY – Anil Yashwant Karande, Vs Smt. Mangal Anil Karande Wife files a false case on 498a against the husband. Bombay HC accepts the innocence of husband and it ends in discharge of the accused husband and his people and granted him divorce

8. SUPREME COURT OF INDIA – K.SRINIVAS V/s K. SUNITA Wife files a criminal complaint under section 307 read with 34, 148A, 384, 324 of IPC. Husband and seven members of his family were arrested on this. It was argued that this was solitary criminal complaint and cannot be considered as cruelty. Divorce granted by observing that even one false criminal complaint by wife constitutes matrimonial cruelty.

9. HIGH COURT OF JUDICATURE AT BOMBAY – Shri Mangesh Balkrushna Bhoir Vs Sau. Leena Mangesh Bhoir Hon HC granted a divorce to the man even though trial court not specifically mentioned 498a filed by women was false. HC observed that the women have filed false cases and treated husband cruelly. Man files for divorce and granted by the civil judge but due to appeals case finally reaches the Bombay HC.

10. HIGH COURT AT CALCUTTA – Rita Bandopadhyay v/s Abhik Bandopadhyay Wife claims that husband had illicit relations with own sister, abuse him in the office, deserted him and stops him seeing own son. Divorce granted by the court and appreciates statements and evidence that proves cruelty of wife to husband. It takes about 21 years after desertion to get a divorce in this case.

Today’s Reality #SaveTheMales

1. An aged man, tired but still he can not sit in a vacant ladies seat in a metro or a bus, bcz then the women will keep making him uncomfortable with their complaining eyes.
2. If you are walking in a secluded street and if you are within 5 meters of a woman, you will be looked at as a potential molester.
3. Even if you touch a woman by accident, you will be slapped by her and still the sympathy goes with the woman.
4. The moment a woman alleges harassment or molestation, a man is dragged to court and media trial starts. No one wants to know the truth before taking any action.
5. A man can not adopt a girl child. Where as a woman can adopt a male child.
6. There is always separate line for women. They feel men are always looking for an opportunity to harm women.
7. Any allegation by Women or her family for harassment or torture will immediately lead to jail. Arguments on it later.
8. Men can be arrested at any time of the day. Where as for women, they can not be arrested after sunset and before sunrise.
9. Looks like in all exams, only girls appear. There is no pics of male candidates in news papers. They only appear in jokes.
10. A woman has the option to be house wife. Where as a man has no option to be house husband. He has to earn compulsarily.
11. Useless women also have right to get married but for a man to get married, he must pass his exams, earn well, have a house, a car, etc.
12. Wife taking care of husband called Pativrata, man taking care called joru ka gulam.
13. A boy dumped by a girl is suggested to move on and declared stalker if he tries to get her back. A girl dumped by a boy gets all sympathy, and the boy is blamed for the situation. Girl can also file a false rape case to teach him a lesson.
14. Son is forced to send his parents in Old age to keep his wife happy
15. Married women has rights but no responsibility that too after divorce as well till she gets married again.
16. Lack of toilets affects only girls in schools!! Are boys immune to deceseas?
17. Banks have home loans at a lesser rate for women, why are they not happy with men’s higher rate of interest business?
18. Women search for men earning much higher than them and thus the responsibility of provision is thrust on to the man. But when they are asked to do their duty towards home, they talk about equality and ask the men to share their workload too.
19. If husband dies due to wife torture no problem but wife dies in any unnatural way, husband is arrested
20. Why any crime has to be associated always with men?
21. Female employees are asked to leave by sunset and male employees are expected to work overnight
22. If mother deserves 6 months paternity leave, why not 6 weeks for father
23. No support from govt to stop child labour of boys they focus only on girls
24. Women are asked to leave before 8 from work while men are made as defaulters to work around the clock
25. There is no security for men when they travel back from office to home at late night (no escorts)
26. Male foeticide is more than female but still no action from GOVT or media and is not being highlighted
27. Special buses for women alone in the name of equality
28. There is difference in taxation slab while they ask for equality
29. Sexual harassment at work favours only women
30. If women uses abusive words it’s empowerment; if it’s men he is treated as abusive person
31. Men can be easily booked under trolling online for the use of words (abusive) but doesn’t happen the way around
32. If male get raped people laugh & make a joke on him
33. There is no law provision where husband can report domestic abuse.
34. all kinds of tuition fee is waived of for girl students, free cycles are given to girl students, what should boys do? What government expect boys to become?
35. female can pass sexy comments on male about his height, about his performance in bedroom. Does man have such liberty?
36. Even calling a female by her name is out raging her modesty, what about men dignity when lady shows middle finger ( do you remember how a lady panelist shown middle finger to mighty Arnab? Did arnab took any legal action?)
37. Do you know a family court judge once had said to husband to sell his body organs to pay maintenance to his wife?
38. No one questions a girl who is sitting idle for years after doing MBA or any degree. A boy would be criticized by all if he sits idle.
39. Government offers Special Loans to women entrepreneurs why not to be neutral at least in starting business? startup is a startup isn’t ?
40) Sukanya and so many insurance policies for future of girl child but nothing for boys as they are bread earner in the society
41) Whole world offers Medical help for women for breast cancer but there is none who speaks about prostate cancer issues, which is double or triple then women health issues ?
42. Women simply refuses jobs which are against their chant of equality but none questions them.
43. Contrary to constitution provisions for every citizen, Indian Judiciary says it is husband moral and legal obligation to look after wife but never uttered word on wife responsibilities to maintain a family.
44. Many government provisions and NGO’s exist in the name of women empowerment just to route the tax payer’s money into their pockets, but who cares?
45. No person on this earth condemns barbaric act of circumcision –Why ? there is media attention and no money in talking about it
46. If husband dies at border the compensation money goes to wife alone, what should his parents do for living?
47. Rhetoric of women fabricating claims of rape and domestic violence is open secrete to everyone, no one questions it why ?
48. If a man falls down street or meets with an accident and cries for help no Samaritan comes forward and looks with suspicion, same samaritan comes in Q to help a women, why ?
49. Why men are not supposed to CRY, don’t they have emotions?
50. Every husband has to go through wife permission to visit his parents, friends or to buy anything for himself to safe guard his family, does wife do the same ?

Who is the oppressed and they say we live in patriarchy ….

Right to privacy not an excuse to deny information

Right to privacy not an excuse to deny information

CIC rejects contention of Commission for Protection of Child Rights

The Central Information Commission (CIC) has upheld the right to information over the right to privacy in a case concerning the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) denying information on cases lying pending with it. It observed that the appellant’s request for action taken information on four-year-old complaints before the NCPCR was in the public interest and related to its core function.

In its latest order, the CIC said it was not convincing that the NCPCR refused information, observing that no effort was made to provide the information which could have been voluntarily disclosed under Section 4(1)(b) of the RTI Act. “Except the name of the child, nothing could be denied,” the CIC said.

The appellant sought information about the number of complaints received by the NCPCR, a copy of inquiry proceedings in such complaints, date-wise decisions of cases in which the accused were found guilty and what relief was granted. However, the Public Information Officer (PIO) replied on May 17, 2017 that the information sought was not disclosable as per exemption under Section 8 (1)(j) of RTI Act.

The CIC said the NCPCR hired the services of a consultant and an adviser, who instead of guiding the PIO properly to disclose the information, misguided him to deny the entire information. “These two experienced seniors did not even provide reasons to justify the denial,” it notes. “When appellant was not seeking names and personal information and wanted information about the number of cases left out without any action, or action taken and pending before the Commission for years, the public authority cannot invoke Section 8(1)(j) at all.”

The CIC has ordered the NCPCR to provide information regarding cases pending for over two years pertaining to the Bihar circle and the details of disposal of cases where the accused were found guilty, after removing names and personal details of children, within 15 days. It has also directed the PIO to show-cause why maximum penalty should not be imposed upon each of them, for illegal obstruction of information, before October 20, 2017.

Impact of judgment

In a commentary on the impact of the right to privacy judgment passed by the Supreme Court on the RTI Act, Information Commissioner Madabhushi Sridhar noted that the public information officers continue to deny access to information held by them. Published in the September, 2017 issue of the Economic and Political Weekly , he notes: “The misuse of Section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act, 2005, which codified privacy exception, by PIOs is rampant and most times reduced this act into a mockery.”

“The misuse of Section 8(1)(j) of

the RTI Act, which codifies privacy exception, is rampant

Supreme Court : An Act of fraud in Court is always viewed seriously

⛤SC:An Act of fraud in Court is always viewed seriously

It is a settled legal proposition that where a person gets an order/office by making misrepresentation or playing fraud upon the competent authority,
such order cannot be sustained in the eyes of the law as fraud unravels
everything. “Equity is always known to defend the law from crafty evasions and new subtleties invented to eirade law”. It is a trite that “Fraud and justice
never dwell together” (fraus et jus nunquam cohabitant). Fraud is an act of deliberate deception with a design to secure something, which is otherwise not due. Fraud and deception are synonymous. “Fraud is an anathema to all equitable principles and any affair tainted with fraud cannot be perpetuated or saved by the application of any equitable doctrine”. An act of fraud on court is
always viewed seriously.

*Meghmala & Ors. Vs. G. Narasimha Reddy & Ors.*

*(2010) 8 SCC 383*